First important thing to keep in mind that outsourcing of payroll will save a cost of hiring and managing the big team of Payroll management. Every organization needs to pay the amount to their employees monthly for the work they do for the organization. This payment is their salary or payroll. Processing their detailed salary amounts based on their eligibility, managing tax deductions as appropriate and completing all the necessary compliances as per laid down regulations is part of end to end payroll service. Many successful companies will just go ahead and outsource their payroll processing. There are several activities in payroll management which include monthly payroll processing, compliance management-PF/P.TAX. /ESIS/Taxation returns filing, other activities like Full & Final settlement, Investment proof checking & Form 16 generation, They can handle all your payroll needs, leaving you free to focus on running and managing your business objectives.

SECURE will help in creating attractive pay structure for your workforce. Every state has a different tax structure, but our team in updated with all compliances (PF, PT, ESI& LWF) and provides you a hassle free payroll system. By adopting SECURE you are bound to get detailed hassle free payroll automated payroll services depending on the volume of the staff in your organization.